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My name is Matthew Kliethermes and I am a Wire Jewelry Artist.  I developed the process to create Jewelry Memorials from dried funeral flowers in 2006 after the death of my grandparents.  I developed the Jewelry Memorial process to insure that your jewelry remains resistant to fading and extremely durable while also remaining beautiful and elegant.

After making Jewelry Memorials for my friends and family, I started to receive requests for my services.  I began offering my services to others as a way to help them remember the special people and times of their life.  Customers began sending me flowers from all over the United States from funerals as well as weddings, graduations, proms, Valentine's Day, and every other holiday and important event that one might want to remember forever with a beautiful piece of jewelry.  It has been a true honor to create these important works to help others celebrate life!

Recently, I extended my services to include Cremation Memorial Jewelry.  I create a band of color infused with the ashes of the dearly departed and then create a marble-like bead that is both elegant and beautiful.  I am able to use the ashes from both human family as well as four-legged family members who you might want to keep near your heart.  I feel as if I am truly blessed with these talents and I am dedicated to using my abilities to help others.

-Matt Kliethermes


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