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How do I prepare my flowers for processing?

Please choose a few flowers (colors) you would like used in your Jewelry Memorial. Red roses by themselves always look great! Remove the fresh flower from water to begin the drying process. Remove the green stems and leaves. For roses, please separate the flowers into individual petals to dry.  For smaller flowers, like carnations, please keep the flower head intact for drying. If the flower is yellow or white, please separate the petals to ensure proper drying. Lighter colors are prone to mildewing and/or turning brown. 


Place the flower head or petals on a paper towel to air dry for a few days. The flowers may then be placed in a brown paper lunch bag or folded in a piece of paper.  Please do not seal the flowers in a ziplock bag.  If sealed, mildew may form and the flower petals will not be suitable for processing.


Place your flowers in an envelope or mailer and ship to my studio at Jewelry Memorials, 19717 County Road 457, Arbela, MO 63432.  Please ship with delivery confirmation.  I will contact you when the flowers arrive to verify your order and give an estimated delivery date.  After your order is completed, any extra dried flowers will be stored for two years and will be available if you or your family would like to order any additional jewelry in the future.  Although the US Postal Service does a wonderful job, please keep a few flowers and refrain from sending them all to my studio.  If delivery issues should occur, you will then still have some of your special flowers to resend.

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