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How many flowers do I need to send?

My custom cabochons and beads are created using a "pinch" of each flower color. A few petals go a long way. A standard red rose would have enough petals for over 20 pendants. Petal colors do change slightly during the drying process. Colors do tend to become darker and white flowers can take on a yellow/tan/brownish tint. I ask customers to send a few petals of each color for processing. Each Jewelry Memorial is unique depending on the colors visible in the cabochon. I can use up to 5 colors and we do honor special instructions if a family member prefers certain colors over others.  Any extra flowers will be kept on file for two years available for future orders.


​What styles of Jewelry Memorials are available?

After creating a custom cabochon infused with your dried flowers, our studio will create an everlasting Jewelry Memorial using Sterling Silver or 14kt gold filled wire. Jewelry Memorials are available in a variety of styles, including pendants, rings, tie tacks and bracelet designs.

Please shop here for our beautiful designs.


How do I order Jewelry Memorials?

After you have found the perfect style of jewelry for your Jewelry Memorial, the ordering process is easy. Let your flowers dry a few days, complete your order online, and print or write out your order information to mail with your flowers. (Information on flower preparation can be found here.) After our studio receives the flowers, I will contact you to let you know the flowers arrived safely and your order will be completed in approximately 4-6 weeks. I will contact you when the order is complete and provide the shipping confirmation number. Rush orders are accepted for a $20.00 fee (for up to three pendants) and are mailed in approximately one week.


How are Jewelry Memorials created?

Jewelry Memorials are hand-crafted using a 35 step process to infuse your flower petals into a crystal clear cabochon. The flower petals are clearly visible, along with the gentle sparkle of fine glitter. Customers mail the flower petals to my studio where I dehydrate, separate colors, and prepare the flowers. I will then create the cabochon and prepare it so it is ready to be sculpted with wire or set in the jewelry design of your choice.


How do I pay for my Jewelry Memorial order?

There are many options for payment. Our site offers safe immediate payment through Paypal, an extremely safe way to pay for your order. Your information is protected and you do not have to have a Paypal account to use their services. Customers may also mail checks or money orders with their flowers for payment. If a check is returned to my bank for insufficient funds, a fee of $35.00 will be added to the order. Orders will be mailed in approximately 4-6 weeks. Rush orders are accepted for a $20.00 fee and are mailed in approximately 1 weekPlease make Checks payable to Jewelry Memorials.


How do I know my flowers are used in my Jewelry Memorials?

Your jewelry is handcrafted by me, Matthew Kliethermes. It is a true honor for me to create Jewelry Memorials for my customers and I take the responsibility of preserving your memories very seriously. I complete each order with the utmost respect, from beginning to end, before beginning a new order. Your flowers are the only flowers I am working with until your order is completed and shipped. There is no chance of your flowers becoming compromised or confused with another order.


A family member saw my Memorial Jewelry and would like to place an order.  Can they order jewelry with the flowers I sent you?

After your order is completed all extra flowers are kept on file at my studio for two years. These flowers can be used for future orders of Jewelry Memorials. Future orders will need to provide the contact information from the original order. Please contact my studio with this information and I will locate the flowers, contact you to verify your contact information and the order can be completed at that time.

How do I prepare my flowers for processing?

It is important to prepare your flowers correctly before shipment.


Please visit:    Flower Preparation Instructions  for more details.

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